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Important Transportation Information
2017 / 2018 Transportation Information
Shelby City Schools, St. Mary’s, PCTC

The first day for students in grades 1–12 will be Monday, August 21st.
The first day for busing for kindergarten and pre-school students will be Thursday, August 24th.

Pre-school, Kindergarten, and Elementary Information / St. Mary’s Middle School:
All kindergarten through fourth grade students, as well as St. Mary’s 5th and 6th grade students, will be on the elementary route schedule. Pre-school students will receive their bus tags on either 8/22 or 8/23, at their open house. Kindergarten students will receive their school bus tags at the time of assessment from their teacher. 1st grade students will receive their tags at their respective elementary open house events on Thursday, August 17th starting at 5:30pm. All pre-school, kindergarten and 1st grade bus students are required to wear their tags for the first (2) weeks of school. 

All K-4 grade school students assigned as walkers to Central and Russell should arrive by 8:00 am to ensure transportation to school. Students living near Central will continue to be bused from Central to their respective elementary building. Students assigned to the Central stop will assemble at the West side behind Central School (playground area). Since students in the Central area attend both Auburn and Dowds, buses will be providing transportation to Dowds school from this stop and these children will “shuttle” to Auburn as directed.  Parents are encouraged to assist their children for the first couple weeks of school in boarding the appropriate bus.  

The elementary “shuttle exchanges” will again take place at Auburn and Dowds respectively.  St. Mary’s shuttles will continue to be assigned to/from Auburn and Dowds as well. Elementary schools are in session at 8:40 and bus riders dismiss at 3:15. After school “shuttle” students will be released and shuttled between Auburn and Dowds. “Late bus” students will wait at their buildings for buses to return for home transportation. Students should arrive at Central and Russell after school at approximately 3:50 pm.

Elementary Shuttle Information:
Bus #10 and #12 will shuttle students from Auburn to Dowds in the morning.*
Bus #11 will shuttle students from Auburn to St. Mary’s in the morning.*
Bus #8 will shuttle students from Dowds to St. Mary’s in the morning.
Bus #15 will shuttle St. Mary’s to Dowds in the afternoon.
Bus #15 will shuttle students from Dowds to Auburn in the morning.*

*  NOTE: In the afternoons, buses will reverse their travel path. 

Elementary Group Stop Information:
Bus # 3 – Pinewood / Central School
Bus # 4 – Sacred Heart/N. Long St. & Main/Taft & Stambaugh/33 Taft/Taft & Forrest
Bus # 5 – Sacred Heart/Walnut & W. Tucker Ext.
Bus # 8 – Samantha & Renfrew/Glenwood & Renfrew/ Parkwood & Renfrew/1st Lutheran ABC/W. Jefferson & Quality Dr.
Bus # 10 – Ganges Birdhouse/Broadway & Elm/Broadway & Powell/Flint & 2nd St. / Russell School
Bus # 11- Joelynn & Ranscott @ deadend/ Joelynn & West Crest @ deadend
Bus # 12 – N. 3rd Apts./Smiley & Jeffery/Shelby Ave. & Plymouth/Shelby Ave.& Maple/Maple & Leslie
Bus # 15 – Louise & Grand Blvd. Ext./Russell School/ Seltzer Park Pavilion/Roberts & Glenwood/E. Morningside & Mansfield Ave.

Middle School / High School / PCTC Information:
All students in grades 5th thru 12th will be transported on the same route schedule. The Middle School will begin classes at 7:30 am and dismiss at 2:25 pm. The High School will start at 7:45 am and end at 2:30 pm. Middle school and high school students assigned to Central and Russell group stops must arrive no later than 7:00 am to ensure transportation to their respective school. Students at the Central group stop will assemble at the West side behind Central School (playground). Students should arrive at Central and Russell after school at approximately 2:45 pm.

MS / HS / PCTC Group Stop Information:
Bus # 3 – Mickey & Martin Drive / Central
Bus #4 – West Park/Main & N. Long
Bus #5 – Walnut & W. Tucker Ext.
Bus #8 – Samantha & Renfrew/Glenwood & Renfrew/Parkwood & Renfrew/W. Jefferson & Quality Dr./Central
Bus # 10 –Ganges Birdhouse/Broadway & Elm/Broadway & Powell/Broadway & Flint
Bus # 11 – SHS/PCTC 
Bus # 12 - Smiley Ave. & N. 3rd /Russell
Bus # 15 – Louise & Blvd. Ext./ Wentz & Wilson/Seltzer Park Pavilion/ Roberts & Parkwood/Roberts & Glenwood /E. Morningside & Mansfield Ave.

Please note that all group stop and shuttle stop assignments are subject to change depending on the volume of riders.
Bus drivers will contact all pre-K bus riders and K-5th bus riders living outside the city limit via a home visit after August 10th regarding times, pickup points, and safety information. All 6th – 12th riders living outside the city limits will be contacted if there are any changes from last years schedule.
Please be aware to allow for 48 hrs. notice to drivers after a requested bus route change during the school year.
Busing changes requested after August 11th cannot be made until August 28th (at the earliest) due to routing challenges/issues.
If you have any questions concerning busing, contact Shelby Schools Bus Garage at (419)-342-2442 or Shelby Board of Education at (419)-347-6496.

Thank you,
Scott Harvey
Shelby City Schools
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