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Shelby Middle School would like to welcome everyone to the 2016-2017 school year. We are extremely proud and excited to house our entire district’s 5th-8th grade student population under one roof. With this building configuration, it allows our students to interact and learn from one another over the course of the entire school year.  In addition, it allows our teachers to more readily collaborate with one another at not only their individual grade level, but across grade levels as well, as we fully implement Ohio’s Learning Standards.

The belief in the middle school philosophy remains strong within our district, and it is grounded in the foundation of our eight core teams spread out over the four grade levels and are arranged as follows:

5th Grade:

PAWS: Positive Attitude Will Succeed 
HERO: Have a positive attitude, Expect Success, Respect everyone and yourself, Organize yourself and be responsible
STARS: Striving Together to Achieve Radical Success 

6th Grade:
BRING IT: Be Responsible, Incredible, Nice, Generous,  Intelligent, Thoughtful 
DAWGS: Doing Awesome Work and Gaining Success

7th Grade:
PUMA: People United Means Action
SCARLET: Students Creating And Reaching Lifelong Education Together 

CHAMPS: Challenging Higher Academics Means Potential Success 
SWAT: Students Working and Achieving Together

In addition, we also have a unified arts team that provides our students yet another avenue to experience an array educational opportunities through Band, Choir, General Music, Guidance, Sci-Tech, Family Consumer Science, 5th & 6th Grade Physical Education, 7th & 8 Grade Wellness, Computers, Evolution of Gaming, and Art

To fully capture the middle school philosophy, our teams also partake in several community service projects throughout the year in order to help give back to the Shelby community that continues to provide our students so much on a daily basis. Therefore, it is our goal to help develop students into young men and women that not only they themselves will be proud of, but their family and the entire Shelby community will be proud of as well.

2016-2017 promises to be a great year at Shelby Middle School; please feel free to stop by at your convenience and share the experience with us.
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