Shelby Athletic Department – Covid Quarantine Guidelines Revision

Dear Shelby Families,

As the Shelby Community may be aware, there has been new guidance released from the CDC about quarantine guidelines and we know many parents may have questions about how this will affect their student athletes. Please see the newest district update in its entirety for the district’s position on how we will be handling these new guidelines. In the meantime, what follows is an excerpt from that letter explaining the new guidelines and how they will be implemented.

“…At this time, we have made the determination that we will be following specific aspects of CDC’s new guidelines for quarantine. We will continue to advise that the 14 day quarantine with exposure to a COVID19 positive individual will be the gold standard recommendation. This is the option that has been in place from the beginning of the school year. It involves quarantining from your last date of contact with a positive individual during their infectious period, starting on day 1 of your contact and ending with your release from quarantine after completing the 14th day of quarantine, on day 15. However, we recognize, as the CDC does, that this can place a hardship on families and is not always the most feasible option. Due to this fact, we will also be utilizing the 10 day quarantine option recommended by the CDC at this time. This involves the same guidelines as the 14 day quarantine, but with a stipulation for shortening the quarantine. It would start with day 1 of contact with an infected individual, and you would be released from quarantine after completing day 10 of quarantine, on day 11. If using the 10 day quarantine, the individual would need to:

  • Wear a mask at all times around other people.
  • Maintain a six foot distance from other individuals at all times until the completion of day 14. 
  • Also, in order to complete only a 10 day quarantine, the individual must have been completely asymptomatic up to day 10. 

If any symptoms of COVID19 are present, the individual must continue the full 14 day quarantine and may need to seek further medical consultation before returning to normal activities.”

We are sure you are wondering if this means athletes will be able to return to practices and games four days sooner than before. The answer is yes and no. Due to the stipulation that you would need to continue to social distance and wear a mask for the remaining four days of isolation, you would not be able to compete any sooner than 14 days in an athletic competition, ride the bus with the team or sit on the team bench. However, it is possible that your coach would be able to allow you to practice if you are able to stay masked and distanced from your teammates.  Coaches will work closely with players on an individual basis as they transition off quarantine.  

We hope that you will recognize our efforts to control and limit the spread of COVID19. These regulations are aligned and consistent with the latest CDC guidelines. SCS wants our sports programs up and running and is confident this is the best way to keep everyone safe and able to play. Please contact us with any questions regarding these new guidelines as we implement these new steps together.  


Taryn Cramer, RN, BSN
Shelby City School Nurse

Pat Lewis
Shelby Athletic Director