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“We decided to do a showcase which is going to be small groups doing musical numbers and I’m really happy to say we were able to involve every student that wanted to be involved…We have one show for 6th grade and then you’ll see the 7th & 8th grade show immediately after. The students are really proud of their work, and I am, too! I hope you enjoy it!”

–Ariel Stehura, Shelby Middle School Choir Director

“My students and I have been missing a lot of ‘usual’ opportunities such as our contests, field trips, and normal rehearsals, but most of all we have really been missing our opportunities to perform for our awesome community.  We are very fortunate today to bring a virtual performance for both our High School bands, Concert band, and our Symphonic band in lieu of March being ‘Music in our Schools’ month.   So sit back, relax, and enjoy our performance!”

–Cassandra McCall, Director of Bands

This video is a collaboration of students involved with the Shelby High and Middle School Choral Department. Individual students have provided footage that was combined in the overall program. It is our hope that this concert provides not only some entertainment, in these tough times, but encouragement that together we can be resilient and strong. Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.