To enroll a child into the Shelby City Schools, there is information that must be completed.
Below are five items that should be opened, printed, and completed before you come to register your child.
After you have these forms complete and the necessary documentation, please deliver:
Curriculum Office
Shelby City Schools, Board of Education Office
25 High School Avenue, Shelby, OH 44875
(419) 342-3520


  • Immunization Records
  • Birth Certificate 
  • Social Security Number
  • Custody Papersif applicable
  • Proof of Residencyutility bill such as cable, phone, gas, or electric. We also accept lease and purchase agreements. If you are living with someone and do not have a bill in your name, you are required to bring the person you are living with into our office to fill out a residency statement. This must be filled out in our presence. This person is then required to furnish the utility bill as described above.

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