From the desk of Mr. Tarvin 12/16

Superintendent’s Message

As we near our Christmas break, I want to take a moment to thank the Shelby City Schools’ staff, students, parents and the entire community of Shelby for your support and everything you do to make the Shelby City Schools an excellent school district. I am fortunate that I have the opportunity to work with your children, and I am looking forward to the rest of the school year and all we can accomplish.

As you know, the Shelby City School District (SCSD) is partnering with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) to build a new PreK-8 facility; this building will be located directly behind the current middle school. Recently, the SCSD hired Garmann Miller from Minster, Ohio to be the architect and Adena Corporation from Mansfield to be the construction manager on the project. Our goal is to have the PreK-8 building completed and open for the 2022 school year; that date might seem far in the future but I can assure you that there is a tremendous amount of work to be done to meet that goal. As a result, we are already very busy conducting a great deal of research and planning; as this process continues to gather momentum, we will work diligently to keep you as well informed as possible.

Just in case you are not aware, our first semester ends when we leave for Christmas break. We have incorporated the ability to do this into our school calendar for quite a number of years now. The teachers and students like this concept because when we come back in January, we jump right into the second semester of classes, which we believe pays tremendous academic dividends for our students.

Shelby is a community with strong traditions but of course, traditions are not unique to our little corner of the world. All around the world the holidays are celebrated with meaningful and ingenious customs. Children in some regions of northern Europe leave hay and carrots outside the house on Christmas Eve because they believe Saint Nicholas arrives by horse. In a festive display, folks in more tropical parts of the world adorn their homes with mango leaves and decorate banana trees. Interestingly, historians believe that the first record of a decorated tree dates back to 15th century France. In fact, many believe this tradition was later brought to England by immigrants who had roots in that region of Europe and missed the ritual of decorating a tree. Traditions exist everywhere and many of them are very similar. That’s what is unique about people…for all of our disagreements, we still have more similarities than we have differences. So as you and your family celebrate the holidays and all of your wonderful traditions, whether it’s decorating the Christmas tree together or simply enjoying the company of loved ones, keep in mind that traditions, no matter how simple or how extravagant, are the ties that bind. From the staff at the Shelby City Schools to all of you have a safe and joyous holiday season.

From the desk of Mr. Tarvin 8/19


Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  Students are busy with class assignments, co-curricular activities, athletic practices and jobs.  Whether it is band, cheerleading or one of our fall sports, hundreds of Shelby students are engaged in activities that will benefit themselves, the school, and the community as well.

When we talk about the relationship between the community and the school, please understand that it is very important to me that the association built between the two is strong and healthy.  What’s more, I believe that it is imperative that the Shelby City Schools encourage our students to give back to the community of Shelby — that they “pay it forward” so that others may benefit.  The concept of paying it forward has been a part of the fabric of our society for generations, and the citizens of Shelby have practiced this act of kindness countless times since this community was founded in the early 1800’s. Your generosity and support has paid dividends to our students and community more times than I count, so thank you to this entire community for paying it forward.  Rest assured we will make sure that the students who walk the halls of our schools continue to do the same for years to come.

Not only are the Shelby schools fortunate to have the support of a tremendous community, they are also blessed to have a dedicated staff that is committed to nurturing our youth in their pursuit of excellence in the classroom and in extracurricular quests.  Teachers and staff have worked diligently to assure this school year goes well for all of our students, and I’m confident that as we work together this school year our journey to reach new academic heights will be a successful one.

There are many reasons to be proud if you are a citizen of Shelby, and I have mentioned just a couple in this message.  As many of you know, I grew up in Shelby, graduated from SHS and like many young people I moved away after high school for “greener” pastures.  Fortunately, the path I followed to find greener pastures ultimately led me back to Shelby, and now I have the extreme honor to be superintendent of this outstanding school district.  The fact is, Shelby is a wonderful community in which to live, work and raise a family and I want each of you to know that the Shelby City School District is proud to be a partner in the success of this community.  Thank you for everything you do on a daily basis to help make our school system excellent.  Have a great school year and go Whippets!

Tim Tarvin

Superintendent, Shelby City Schools

Contact Information

Tim Tarvin
25 High School Avenue
Shelby, Ohio 44875
Phone (419) 342-3520
Fax (419) 347-3586

“If we truly value our children as our greatest
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-Bill Dagget